The boy crushes on the girls and “hits” an anxiety disorder so many people cannot speak.

The guy crushes on girls and "hits out" an anxiety disorder to many people who can't talk diesel generators | Diesel generator prices / 2012-09-21

Xiao Wei, who had just entered the university, was nervous when he spoke to new students. He could not even look into the other person's eyes. In desperation, Xiaowei visited the Clinical Psychology Department of Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital.
The doctor learned that in the third year Xiaowei had a good impression of a female student. When the female student noticed him, he would blush and worried that Others would see him suspicion and he tried hard to restrain himself, but to no avail. Since then, the phenomenon of blushing has become more and more serious. It gradually develops to be uncomfortable talking in places with many people, accompanied by phenomena such as rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, stuttering, and inability to concentrate, etc. Naturally speaking, the more nervous you have to speak, the more you feel alone when you are alone, and the less when you are with your family. Three years of high school Xiaowei has always been painful to fail to interact properly with others. However, I feel that my heart is bouncing because I am introverted and I have not been treated. After entering the university, Xiaowei's symptoms were even heavier and he could not participate in the school's community activities.
An analysis of experts from the Department of Psychology of People's Hospital of Jiangsu Province, Xiaowei belongs to "social anxiety disorder." Usually we feel anxiety, panic, sweating, etc. when we face a new environment and strangers. These are normal feelings, but patients like Xiaowei strongly fear other people’s negative evaluations, so that they fully achieve The degree of morbidity. They are self-contained, evade socialization, and cannot meet social desires. They only escape from reality and feel safe only in places where there is no one. Serious patients cannot even make phone calls, eat in public places, work under the gaze of others, and cannot speak to strangers. When these symptoms of anxiety and fear appear, they are also accompanied by somatic symptoms: dry mouth, sweating, intense heartbeat, and wanting to go to the bathroom. Sometimes, patients may find themselves short of breath and cold hands and feet.
Experts point out that the cause of social anxiety disorder is not yet clear, and may be related to biological, genetic and environmental factors. It usually starts in the early teens and more women than men. In the treatment of social anxiety disorders, psychotherapy is generally used. In severe cases, drug therapy may be used.
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