National Energy Conservation Conference for 1,000 Enterprises Held in Shen

The National Development and Reform Commission held a national meeting on the energy conservation of thousands of enterprises in Shenyang from October 17 to October 18. While further clarifying the tasks and responsibilities, it also proposed key energy-saving technologies that should be vigorously promoted in the nine major energy-consuming industries. A total of 1,008 steel companies, petroleum and petrochemical companies, and leaders of the country attended the meeting.
The key energy-saving technologies for the chemical industry proposed at the meeting include the use of large-scale, integrated, and automated technologies for the production of synthetic ammonia; the improvement and development of process unit technologies, including mild conversion, gas turbines, and low-heat-consuming decarburization and conversion, and cryogenic purification. A more efficient synthetic loop and low-pressure synthesis technology; the development of syngas technology using pulverized coal and coal-water slurry such as bituminous coal and lignite, and the transformation of traditions using energy system optimization technology.
In the production of caustic soda, the development of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda to increase the proportion of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda, the use of expanded anode, modified diaphragm metal anodal (DSA) diaphragm electrolytic cell; large-scale thyristor rectifier unit; on-load voltage regulator - variable Pressure-rectification unit and computer control technology; promotion of new energy-saving technologies for caustic soda evaporation, the use of chlorine turbines, replacing the Nash pump that delivers chlorine.
In the production of calcium carbide, the development of large-scale closed calcium carbide furnaces, the elimination of calcium carbide furnaces with capacity below 5000 kVA, open calcium carbide furnaces, and calcium carbide furnaces that do not meet the environmental standards; promotion of furnace air purification, recycling of calcium carbide furnace gas, hollow electrode technology The gas-fired lime kiln technology; the use of mechanical automatic feeding and batching system microcomputer chain.
In the production of soda ash and yellow phosphorus, the major equipment for the new soda ash plant must be large-scaled, automated, and combined with cogeneration and steam multi-stage utilization. The ammonia-alkali method adopts vacuum distillation or dry ash distillation technology, and flashes of distilled waste liquor to reduce the steam consumption of the distillation and recover low pressure steam; the method of using the alkali method to reduce the distillation steam consumption, and the crystallization process is promoted. Ammonia direct cooling and plastic removal technology reduce cooling consumption. The medium-sized joint alkali enterprises promote the natural circulation of externally cooled carbonization towers, and the ammonia-alkali facilities are not more than 12,000 MJ/t and 9,000 MJ/t, respectively. Yellow phosphorus production promotes the recovery and utilization of furnace gas, and furnace gas is used to dry phosphorus ore fuel or as a raw material to produce chemical products.

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