Valin Single Bridge Tanker

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Vehicle model
HN5141Z19D8M3GJY type refueling vehicle
Announcement batch
Company Name
Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd.
Product trademark
Valin Star Brand
Overall size (mm)
Total mass (Kg)
Carriage size (mm)
× ×
Rated load quality (Kg)
Approach/Departure angle
24/23, 24/28
Service quality (Kg)
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm)
The maximum speed (km/h)
Vehicle identification code

Chassis model

engine model
Engine manufacturer
ISDe185 30
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
Fuel type
Emission Standards
GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 State III
Number of axes
Number of tires
Tire specifications
Axle load
Front track
Number of leaf springs
Rear track
1. Accelerated noise outside the car meets the requirements of the second phase of GB1495-2002, engine emissions meet the requirements of the third phase limit; 2. The same series of high-roof cabs are optional, high ceiling, flat top cab are optional E, P-type front panel and front bumper; 3. Delivery medium name: gasoline; medium density: 700 kg/m3; effective volume of the tank: 11.95 m3; dimensions of tank (length × long axis × short axis) (mm): 5000×2380×1450.

Chassis model: HN1141, Valin Star original chassis, flat-top cab, MP3, air conditioning, Yuchai 180 HP (EGR), Fast 7-speed transmission, 5.5 tons of front axle, 10 tons of rear axle (435 Bridge), 11.00R20 wire tyre (Mich.). Square circular tank, tank volume 19m3, can be separated warehouse, steel plate using 5mm special board, with gear pump (nylon gear), can pump into the pump, tank body on both sides of a self-flow mouth. Spray silver gray metal paint vehicle, anti-cursor, hazard standard is complete. The tools and accessories are complete, and the supplier provides the formalities for the household registration in the country.
The tank structure is an elliptical cylindrical or trapezoidal surface cylindrical body, made of high-quality steel plate, the entire tank is divided into single or multiple positions, the chamber can be divided into chambers, the bottom of the intermediate baffle has through holes, and the intermediate positions of each warehouse are welded or Multiple warehouses, warehouses can be divided into rooms, through the middle of the bottom of the baffle through holes, each warehouse is welded with a warehouse to strengthen the wave partition, in order to reduce the impact of the tank body oil and improve the rigidity of the tank.
In order to ensure that the tanker is in operation, the pressure in the tank is basically the same as the atmospheric pressure. A breathing valve is installed on the tank and the oil level in the tank rises when the oil in the tank is heated to expand or when the oil is pumped into the tank. The pressure increases, when the tank pressure is higher than the external pressure 8KPA, the valve on the breathing valve opens; When the oil pump to the outside or the oil cold shrinks when the oil surface drops, the pressure decreases, when the tank pressure is lower than the outside pressure At 3 KPA, the valve below the breathing valve opens.
With the function of self-priming oil, self-discharging and other functions, it can be divided into two to three different specifications of oil, optional double pump.
The whole tank adopts computer automatic cutting and straight welding to form one time, reinforced foldable wave board, butt welding compression head, and strengthen the overall service life of the tank.

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