FAW Xichai and its suppliers built a strategic development alliance

Efforts to create "national brands, high-end power." This is the strategic development goal put forward by FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory during “four ventures”. How to achieve? It is understood that in 2011, Xichai launched the “four ventures” and faced with the severe situation of slowing economic growth, declining auto market, adherence to scientific development, unwavering independence, unwavering independence and unwavering brand building. Business leaders take proactive measures to take countermeasures, build a strong supply chain system that aims at “aligning goals, benefit sharing, and risk sharing” and establish a close strategic development alliance of “win-win situation for innovation, honesty and trustworthiness, and common development” as building support. Xichai's core resource platform and important strategic tasks are becoming bigger and bigger. In the beginning of the year, Xichai has withstood various tests and has won various awards such as the National May 1st Labor Award and the “China Motor Company's decade of influence engine company brand”.

“The development of Xichai is inseparable from the support of the vast number of suppliers. Over the past year, Xichai has been working with a wide range of suppliers to regard quality as the life of the enterprise and to take measures to advance the full-scale development of zero kilometers; to advance strictly and orderlyly. Second, to avoid work; to quickly promote the two-dimensional code work; strengthen quality control, strict quality control of parts; earnestly carry out quality research; accelerate the construction of L/M procurement parts production line, strengthen the quality of negotiations to improve and manage. Therefore, the quality of the xicai machine has been effectively guaranteed and supported by the system, said CAI Zhenfa, party secretary of FAW Xichai.

Xichai proposed a quality-oriented enterprise as the center, through the joint action of all employees, full-time positions, the whole process, and the entire system, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of products, quality, and brands; to use innovation-driven measures to speed up structural adjustment and change in the mode of economic development. In order to realize the overall improvement of efficiency, effectiveness, and effectiveness, taking responsibility requirements as the goal, we grasp the main lifeblood of factory development, break through market bottlenecks, and realize new procurement work ideas with an overall increase in sales, share, and satisfaction. At the same time, Xichai made it an important task to improve the service capabilities of the supply chain market. From the perspective of winning market competition, resolving user complaints, increasing customer loyalty, getting rid of price competition, and adapting to the development of science and technology, we have asked suppliers to establish and improve service standards, improve the quality of service personnel, and expand the establishment of service outlets.

Normalized Steel Bar

Normalized steel bar is produced by normalizing which is one kind of heat treatment to get even microstructure and better mechanical properties and hardness. Our advantages and more services of normalized steel bar includes:

1) Wide range of diameters from 10mm to 100mm

2) Customized Length from 100mm to 12000mm

3) Good surface roughness: 0.4um to 1.5um

4) Good straightness: 0.5mm/m to 2mm/m

5) Good roundness: 80% of diameter tolerance

6) Diameter tolerance: -0.02mm to -0.06mm/h9, h10, h11

7) Matched further processing: Grinding, polishing, straightening

8) Anti-rusty package

9) Full sets of testing equipment: Surface, Dimenstion. Mechanical properties testing

10) Fast delivery time

Round Bar,4140 Round Bar,S355J2 Round Bar,1045 Normalized Steel Properties

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