LED factory is busy expanding production of billion light, the new century raised more than 1.4 billion yuan

LED factory is expected to be late in the peak season this year, but there are still manufacturers to start fundraising plans. The chip factory will pass the current increase plan and private fundraising in the new shareholders meeting. The board of directors of Yiguang will pass NT$5 billion (the same below, equivalent to RMB About 998 million yuan of convertible bonds are used to expand the plant and enrich the working capital. Based on the current stock price, the two companies raised a total of 7.25 billion yuan (equivalent to about 1.446 billion yuan). LED stocks were delayed by the peak season, foreign-funded legal persons continued to take off the chip leading crystal power, and backhand bought super billion light. Since March, foreign capital has cut more than 140,000 shares of crystal power, and the shareholding water level has dropped by 10 percentage points. . Yiguang faces a 70-yuan integer defending battle, but Yiguang's first-quarter revenue decline is only 11%, and foreign investment has begun to cover Yiguang's shareholding. Despite the poor industrial atmosphere, this year's new century, Yiguang still launched a fundraising plan. The chip factory in the new century is expected to pass 100 million cash increase and 50 million private fundraising cases at this year's shareholders meeting. The current case will retain 10-15 shares for employees to subscribe first, and calculate the closing price of 15 yuan in the new century. Under the full funding of both funds, it is expected to raise 2.25 billion yuan (equivalent to about 449 million yuan). In the next three years, Yiguang, a packaging factory, will also have a substantial increase in production. At present, it has already decided to invest 1.3 billion yuan (equivalent to about 259 million yuan) to purchase a new plant in Miaoli. According to the plan of Yiguang, the new plant introduced mass production only in 2016, but this year the board of directors also plans a plan to convert 5 billion yuan of convertible corporate bonds with a coupon rate of 100.2-100.5, which is used to enrich working capital, purchase production equipment, and improve financial structure. And other uses.

Freeze-dried Vaccines

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Look forward to your early reply.

Look forward to your early reply.

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