Shandong Chemical Industry Intellectual Property Protection Alliance Established

On April 20th, the Shandong Chemical Industry Intellectual Property Protection Alliance was established in Heze City. Among the 30 chemical companies in the province, such as Yuhuang Chemical Group, Jingbo Holding Group, Jinzhengda Group, and Stanley Chemical Fertilizer, were awarded as members of the Alliance.

For many years, Shandong has maintained its status as the nation’s largest chemical province. The establishment of the Shandong Chemical Industry Intellectual Property Protection Alliance can establish daily monitoring and protection mechanisms in the province, comprehensively combat intellectual property infringement and unfair competition, and strive to protect the intellectual property rights of chemical companies in terms of product R&D and innovation and maintain chemical industry The legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise have further purified the competitive environment.

According to Wang Shengwei, the first chairman of the alliance and president of Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the alliance will implement anti-counterfeiting rights protection services for member companies through various measures.

Yu Zhiyong, director of the Shandong Provincial Intellectual Property Office, said that Shandong Chemical Industry regards intellectual property as a core element of enhancing competitiveness and comprehensively promotes the improvement of the company’s innovation capability and intellectual property creation ability. It is Shandong Chemical Industry’s advantage based on resources and adaptability to international competition. Must walk the road.

Wang Hao, executive vice president of Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Group, said that the tool for the development of chemical companies under the new normal is the development of sophisticated chemical projects. To effectively protect the scientific and technological innovations invested by the company with huge investments, it is necessary to implement intellectual property patent protection. strategy.

Representatives of the members of the Alliance Council unanimously believe that with the increase in the popularity of some chemical products and the continuous expansion of the market of enterprises, intellectual property infringements in the fields of trademarks, patents, copyrights, name sizes, trade secrets, etc. Trends, complications, and concealment. They hope to use the establishment of the province's Chemical Industry Intellectual Property Protection Alliance to promote chemical companies to share information resources, collaborate on innovation and development, gather industrial advantages, and prevent intellectual property risks, and then realize the development of Baotuan on the basis of orderly competition.

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