Application of greenhouse butlers is the epitome of the Internet of Things

Northeast China is an important grain production base in China, and it is also a major area for large-scale agricultural machinery and equipment applications. On land leveling and ridging operations, on the one hand, it puts high requirements on the skills and experience of tractor drivers because it directly determines the quality of operations. Such as straightness, flatness; the other hand, due to the need to focus on the work process is highly concentrated, resulting in labor intensity, it is very necessary for the tractor to reduce human operations during the operation. The tractor is equipped with sensors, lasers, and navigation devices to give the tractor “wisdom” so that the tractor can automatically go straight in the navigation state; the use of a laser hair-receiving device combined with sensors to accurately complete the land leveling operation. In addition to production operations, farm management also requires the Internet of Things. Green housekeepers are widely used in the cultivation of greenhouses.

Using the Internet of Things, small greenhouse butlers and other technologies to network farmland and agricultural machinery and provide decision support for farmers are the development trend of smart agriculture in the future. In the future, whether it is a rover on Mars, an airplane in the air, or a farm machine in the field, it needs to have some basic capabilities. Each terminal device in the Internet of Things needs network connectivity, manageability, and security.

Greenhouse stewards are also a common application of the Internet of Things. When the Internet of Things is encountered in agriculture, most people think of using sensors to obtain data such as temperature, humidity, light, and wind power for crop monitoring and management, or to put RFID ears on cow ears. The standard traces animals. However, today, the seemingly simple technology of Internet of Things penetration of agriculture is far more than common sense. Because of the different application scenarios, the Internet of Things is gradually changing the tradition of “eat by heaven” in ancient agriculture.

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Raising Rice Seedlings

The raising rice seedlings can complete the various processes of rice seed sowing, soiling, watering, and covering the soil at one time, which can meet the demand for precise sowing, achieve adjustable seed quantity and increase output.

This machine will greatly improve the level of agricultural mechanization and adjust the structure of agricultural industry.

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