Mid-gas conversion, decarbonization and hydrogen technology awards

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China Drying Newsletter Cooperative research and development of Wuhan Petrochemical and Wuhan University of Engineering for the production of hydrogen in dry gas to convert gas to hydrogenation technology and industrialization projects has recently won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province in 2012.

Wuhan Petrochemical's original hydrogen production device of catalytic dry gas-steam conversion method uses medium pressure reforming to purify hydrogen using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. The hydrogen production and quality are good, but the hydrogen recovery rate of PSA plant is low. It is a common problem encountered by PSA in operation.

In response to this shortcoming, Wuhan Petrochemical and Wuhan Engineering University lasted for three years and jointly developed a gas-to-gas dehydrogenation technology for hydrogen production from dry gas production. That is, a decarbonization process was added before the medium-range gas was introduced into PSA. After the successful application of this technology, the content of impurities in the feed gas was reduced, and the hydrogen recovery rate of PSA was greatly increased. Not only does the produced hydrogen have a high purity, but high concentrations of byproduct carbon dioxide can also be used to make food-grade carbon dioxide and dry ice. It can also be used to treat alkali slag in refineries, and it has broad application prospects.

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