North American Auto Show highlights new trends in the automotive industry: Hybrids are favored

Since the opening of the 2013 North American International Auto Show, the world's major auto manufacturers have displayed their most distinctive products one after another. Among more than 500 exhibitors, more than 50 of them are the first to appear. Among the new products and technologies that are on display, it is not difficult to find new trends in the development of the global automotive industry.

First of all, hybrid models have become an important development direction for the automotive industry in the future. In this auto show, hybrid models have become one of the biggest highlights of this auto show. Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, GAC, and all levels of car dealers are highlighting hybrid models and placing them on the most prominent display. area. Lighter and stronger new-generation automotive materials and designs have gradually entered the actual production, and luxury car brands have begun to launch more energy-saving vehicles that have only appeared on small and medium-sized vehicles. In addition to vigorously developing and promoting hybrid vehicles that are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, American auto makers have also accelerated the upgrading of models popular with Americans, such as pickups and Jeep, based on local consumption habits. It has also become one of the focuses of public attention at this year's auto show.

Second, the application of new materials has become the focus of attention. Among the new models introduced by major car manufacturers, the application of new materials is becoming more and more widespread. The biggest highlight of BMW's latest pure-electricity concept coupe is its carbon fiber reinforced plastic body used in the aerospace field, which is lighter and more powerful than automotive steel. Market analysts pointed out that for ordinary fuel vehicles, through the use of lightweight design will be a good development approach.

Finally, the hot scene of the North American auto show indicates that the competition in the auto industry will become increasingly fierce. Traditional auto manufacturers such as the US, Europe and Japan are consolidating and expanding the market. After China, South Korea and other emerging automobile producers are not unwilling, they are catching up. In the context of the European debt crisis and unclear economic prospects, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Maserati and other European luxury car manufacturers have increased their focus on the North American market. As the only automaker exhibiting at the North American Auto Show, GAC Group brought three new energy models to the Chuanqi series. Market analysts believe that Chinese auto companies are showing new energy models, indicating that they are more focused on energy conservation and environmental protection and will help expand the influence of Chinese brands. In addition, the China Council for the International Trade Promotion Committee and the North American International Auto Show jointly held the “Detroit China Global Automotive Forum” for the first time, with the theme of “Cooperation to Promote the Prosperity and Development of the Auto Industry”. The forum discussed the status quo of the Chinese auto industry through open dialogue. And the future, as well as the relationship between the Chinese auto industry and the international market.

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