Dolika Wrecker

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Wrecker Technology, Performance Product Name: Wrecker
Lot of announcements: 201 Total mass: 7490


Service quality: 5495
The maximum speed: 90 (km/h) Approaching departure angle (°): 20/10
Front suspension/rear suspension: 1180/2440 Front passenger (person): 3
Number of Springs: 11/9+7,8/10+7 Fuel Type: Diesel
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 8.25-16, 7.50-16, 8.25R16, 7.50R16
Front track: 1835,1750 Rear track: 1640,1586
Number of axes: 2 Wheelbase: 3800
Dimensions (mm): 7420/2300/2380,2540
Container size (mm): -
Engine Manufacturer: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Engine Type: CY4102-C3C Engine Displacement (ml): 4500 Engine Power (kw): 3900
Chassis manufacturer: Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Remarks: Lifting mass: 1800kg. With the optional chassis cab. The optional warning light corresponds to a height of 2540mm.
Chassis: Chassis with Dolika, white single-row reversible cab, Chaochai CY4102-E3C 120-hp economy engine with power steering, supercharged, air brake, 7.50-16 nylon tires.

Upper part: (Guangdong [1] wrecker craft) dragging two types, dragging back dual purpose, with long warning lights, flat carbon steel plate, board length 5.55 meters, width 2.22 meters, The slab can carry weights up to 3 tons. The minimum inclination angle of the flat plate is 8 degrees. The maximum lifting weight of the lifting system of the vehicle is 1.8 tons, and the maximum lifting weight of the lifting system is 1.33 tons. This vehicle adopts a 4-ton hydraulic winch. The length of wire rope is 20 meters. The car is equipped with 4 bundling belts, two trolleys (auxiliary wheels), holding fork seats, a pair of holding forks, and a chain, which is suitable for the rescue of small cars and small passenger cars. The rest of the factory standard configuration production.

Troubleshooting method
No. Fault image cause of issue Method of exclusion
1 Wrecking arm lifting speed is slow and powerless 1 hydraulic power system failure 2 telescopic mechanism control valve, overflow valve failure 1 Check, adjust 2 disassemble, clean, adjust or replace damaged components
2 Wrecker boom telescopic vibration 1 jib slider problem 2 telescopic cylinder is abnormal 1 Insufficient lubrication between the sliding surface of the boom box and the sliding block should be greased; the slider surface deformation is too large, the slider should be replaced; the surface of the lifting arm should be repaired, grinding surface 2 inspection processing
3 Wrong length of boom lifting section of wrecker cannot be compensated 1 solenoid valve fault 2 circuit fault 1 Clean the oil filter, replace the electromagnet 2 and check the external line fault
4 Wrecker Lifter Automatic Retraction 1 telescopic cylinder failure 2 balance valve failure 1 Check and adjust telescopic cylinder, replace damaged components 2 Check, adjust balance valve, replace damaged components
5 Wrecker lifting mechanism does not move or move slowly 1 vehicle control valve fault 2 hydraulic motor fault 3 balance valve fault 4 lift brake fault 1 Inspection processing 2 Inspection processing 3 Adjustment replacement spring 4 Adjustment replacement spring
6 When the wrecker lifts up and works, the movement is interrupted Check valve failure Cleaning, replacement
7 Loss of load control when the wrecker falls Balance valve failure Open cleaning
8 Wrecker Lift Mechanism Brakes Cannot Open 1 Shuttle valve stuck 2 Shuttle valve drained 3 Brake piston seal bad 1 Service shuttle valve 2 Service shuttle valve 3 Service brake, replacement seal
9 Raise the limit and the volume does not ring 1Bell damaged 2Over wound relay damaged Overhaul
10 Wrecker car luffing cylinder automatic retract 1 cylinder itself failure 2 balance valve failure 1 Inspection process 2 Open cleaning, replace damaged components
11 Wrecker's amplitude change cylinder vibration 1 There is air in the cylinder 2 The balance valve is improperly adjusted or the valve core is damaged and the orifice is blocked 1 Multiple-amplitude operation when no-load, charge and exhaust 2 open, cleaning inspection, replacement of damaged components
12 Wrecker removal failure Bidirectional hydraulic lock failure Check and repair bidirectional hydraulic lock
13 Leg retract automatically when lifting 1 Unidirectional 2 valve in the bidirectional hydraulic lock is poorly sealed 3 Oil leakage inside the cylinder 1 Check the check valve in the bidirectional hydraulic lock 2 Check the sealing element on the cylinder piston
14 No action or slow movement during lifting 1 Damaged hydraulic pump 2 Failure of relief valve 3 Damaged rotary joint 4 Damaged manual valve Inspection repair
15 The oil temperature rises too fast 1 Damaged or malfunctioning hydraulic pump 2 Contamination of hydraulic oil or insufficient oil 1 replacement or repair 2 should replace or supplement hydraulic oil
16 Wrecker hydraulic pump does not rotate Failure of power take-off or its operating air path Check, repair or replace power take-off and air system
17 High return pressure Filter plug Should replace the filter
18 Wrecker hydraulic oil leakage 1 The seal is damaged 2 There is something wrong with the tubing connection 1 Replace seal 2 Tighten or replace connector 3 Replace tube
19 Bad power to the rotary joint 1 Bad contact between brush and slip ring 2 Wire joint open welding 1 Repair 2 Repair wire joints
20 Oil system noise 1 There is air in the air line 2 The oil temperature is too low 3 The lines and components are tightly fastened 4 The balance valve malfunctions 5 The oil filter is blocked 6 The oil in the oil tank is insufficient 1 Multi-action, replenishing oil and exhaust 2 Low-speed operation oil pump Warm or change the oil 3 Fasten, pay special attention to the oil pump and suction pipe can not leak 4 Adjust or replace 5 Filter or replace the filter

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