The largest domestic ammonia synthesis tower achieves stable operation

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China Drying Network News Recently, the largest domestic diameter DN2800 ammonia synthesis tower system, which is currently under construction by Changsha Weighing Chemicals, has been operating steadily for 90 days. All indicators are in line with the requirements of the owners and are now running at full capacity.

The DN2800 ammonia synthesis tower and the high-pressure boiler feed water preheater connected to it are the key equipment for the opening of a million-million-ton ammonia project for 600,000 tons of ammonia synthesis. This synthesis tower adopts Casali technology and is the largest diameter ammonia synthesis tower produced by Changsha Weighing Machine and the Swiss Kasari process. It was delivered to Henan Jinkai Chemical Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. in April 2012. . When the high-pressure boiler feed water preheater is manufactured, the size of the lower part of the inner part of the synthesis tower and the expansion joint must not exceed 0.5 mm. Weighing machine overcomes the difficulties of welding deformation and assembly error of materials, adopts various tooling process measures to meet the requirements of size matching, overcomes the difficulties of pressure testing, etc., and successfully completes the manufacturing tasks, and the internals of the synthesis tower are once hoisted. In place.

In recent years, Changsha Weighing Machine focused on scientific and technological innovations and improved manufacturing processes. It not only maintained its predecessor's advantage in ammonia synthesis, but also actively explored other fields such as petrochemicals and coal chemical industry. In another development, Changsha Weighing Machine was awarded the title of 2012 Top 100 Equipment Manufacturers by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.

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