Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer

Model NO.: JY series
Layout Type: Verticle
Mixing Drum Shape: Conical
Additional Capabilities: Milling
Operating type: Continuous Operating
Condition: New
Capacity(Liter): 500-5000 Mixing Tank
Power Supply: Customer Design
Usage: Hand Wash,Cream,Lotion,Mousse,Liquid Soap,etc
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: customer design
Origin: China
HS Code: 8479820090
Jinzong Machinery Automatic Liquid Detergent Production Line Blender Machinery Supplier

To produce liquid washing products, like shampoo, liquid soap, bath shower, body lotion, dish washing, hand washing, lubricating oil, fabric softener, liquid cloth cleaner etc.
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer
Our semi-automatic series & Automatic series Liquid Detergent Production Line has win the acknolwledge by many big enterprise, such as Guangzhou LangQi, Guangzhou LIBY, Guangzhou Tianqi etc.
Our Liquid Detergent Machine is specially designed according to user's production technics and condition, and our company can provide from design, production, installment to raw material supply, which means the complete process of the project.
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer

*Chemical raw material and formula
We can supply chemical material and formula of all kinds of liquid detergent like dish cleaner, windows cleaner, bath shoer, hand washing, shampoo etc. to customer.
Also we manufacture all machine in the liquid detergnet production line: Pure water making machine, mixing tank, filling machine, capping machie, labeling machine and code printer and shrinking machine etc.
*Liquid detergent blender machine
Liquid Detergent Mixing Tank has various types, and we can collocate the production line flexiblely according to customer's production scale and technology, such as to add pretreatment boiler, cooling tank and conveying pump etc, this greatly helps to improve the production efficiency and save energy.
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer
Technical parameter for liquid detergent mixer
Model# Working Volume (L) Volume of Pretreatment Boiler (L) Dimensions (LxWxH)
500 620 3 2200x1400x2500
1000 1250 4 2500x1700x2700
2000 2400 5.5 2750x1910x3100
3000 3600 7.5 3000x2150x3500
5000 5800 11 3200x2400x3950

*Packaging equipment
Please let me know your bottles' size and shape, cap's size and shape, label's shape,  we will make a complete solution according to your requirements for you!
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer

*Our strength 
1. More than 20 years extensive experience in the machinery manufacturing in Cosmetic and cheimical biological & pharmaceutical industry.
2. Quality, 80% materials and components are purchased from 3M, ABB, Siemens, Panasonic, Schneider. Up to now, all core machinery are with CE Certificate.  We carry out products designing, manufacturing, assembling and detection fully in accordance with ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System issued by Swiss SGS Company.
3. Good reputation in industry. Many years are awarded "defend the contract heavy credit enterprise"
4.Have a Professional after-sales service engineering team. 
5.Large scale plant. Currently, we have 2 processing bases, Zhaoqing factory, covering a total area of more than 17,000 square meters,and Shaoguan factory,covering a total area of more than 30,000 square meters. There are more than 160 sets of processing machinery including large vertical lathe, 5-axis horizontal machining center, large planer type milling machine, automatic polishing machines etc. With the help of our strong processing capacity, we produce more than 1000 sets of equipment every year
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer
*About us:
Guangzhou / Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of  cosmetic,chemical, biological & pharmaceutical machinery and equipment more than 20 years .
Jinzong Machinery is a technology innovative enterprise focusing on machinery design, manufacturing and system integration.
Product lines range from:
1> Cosmetic Machinery: water treatment ,vacuum emulsifying machine,liquid detergent mixing machine,storage tank,solid soap making machine,perfume making machine, color paste mill,  filling machine etc.
2> Chemical Machinery:  reactor, mixing equipment, separation equipment, storage tank, disperser, mill  etc.
3> Biological and Pharmaceutical  Machinery: vacuum ointment machine, fermentation tank, sanitary stainless reactor,alcohol deposition can, collocation tank etc.
Jinzong Machinery Food Mixer Machine with Homgenizer

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