485 remote transmission power meter features

485 remote transmission power meter features

Lead: 485 remote transmission meter remote transmission meter reading system principle and composition The basic working principle of the remote transmission meter reading system is the use of electronic technology and sensor technology to improve the traditional meter, water meter, gas meter, each meter sensor out The data is collected, stored and sent to the intelligent circuit unit so that any point on the data bus can communicate with the computer. So, what are the characteristics of the 485 remote energy meter?

1, with high reliability, low power consumption, high precision, wide load capacity;

2. Accurately measure the positive and negative active energy in two directions and accumulate in the same direction, with the function of anti-theft;

3, strong anti-harmonic ability;

4, using optocoupler missed pulse output, light-emitting diodes indicate electricity, can achieve centralized meter reading, easy power monitoring and management. It is suitable for measuring the consumption of active energy in a single-phase AC grid with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz for installation in indoor or outdoor meter boxes;

5, anti-high pressure attack and electrostatic attack, with open lid detection function;

6, LCD display or high brightness LED display or stepper.

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