Infrared Moisture Analyzer Principle and Application Field

Moisture analyzers can be industrial production control analysis, or quality inspection of industrial and agricultural products; moisture can be measured from tons of product, and only a few microliters of test solution can be used for moisture analysis in the laboratory; The constant moisture analysis of several to several tens of tens of thousands of water, or the trace moisture analysis of moisture content of only one millionth or less, etc. The infrared moisture analyzer is a mainstream moisture analyzer occupies an extremely important role.

Infrared heating mechanism: Absorption, reflection, and transmission occur when far-infrared radiation is radiated to an object. However, not all molecules can absorb far-infrared radiation, and only those polar molecules that show electricity can work. Water, organic substances, and high molecular substances have a strong ability to absorb far-infrared rays. When these substances absorb the far-infrared radiation energy and make its molecules, the frequency of natural vibrations and rotations of atoms coincide with the frequency of far-infrared radiation, molecules or atoms are likely to resonate or rotate, resulting in greatly increased movement and conversion into The heat energy raises the temperature inside, so that the substance is quickly softened or dried.

The general heating method is the use of heat conduction and convection, the need to spread through the media, slow speed, high energy consumption, and far-infrared heating is the use of heat radiation, without media transmission. At the same time, since the radiant energy is proportional to the fourth power of the heating element, it not only saves energy, but also has high speed and high efficiency. In addition, far-infrared rays have a certain penetrating power, because the heated and dried substance absorbs far-infrared radiation energy at a certain depth and at the same time, and generates a self-heating effect, so that the solvent or water molecules evaporate, and the heat is even, thereby avoiding Deformation and qualitative change due to different degree of thermal expansion, so that the appearance of the material, physical and mechanical properties, fastness and color, etc. remain intact.

Infrared moisture analyzer is mainly determined by infrared radiation heater and electronic balance to its accuracy and stability.

(Infrared radiation heater: tungsten wire vacuum tube can radiate near-infrared rays, silicon carbide is a long-wavelength far-infrared radiation heater, quartz glass and ceramic infrared heaters can radiate mid-infrared rays)

Infrared Moisture Analyzer The "dry reduction method" of the well-known standard measurement method of the moisture measurement standard is very similar to an infrared moisture meter of heat drying and mass measurement. The "dry reduction method" of the well-known standard method is also called (105 °C for 5 hours), (135 °C for 3 hours), and the like. It is heated for a long time by placing the sample in the dryer. Drying was used to accurately determine the mass change before and after drying, and the amount of water was calculated. For this reason, the measurement personnel need to be very proficient in equipment and technology. Since it takes a long time for the measurement, it is difficult to quickly measure a large number of samples. Therefore, for the measurement of a wide variety of samples with a high degree of accuracy, it is not necessary to do so except for an infrared moisture meter. Although there are some other electrical and optical measurement methods, they are all special instruments that limit the measurement object. In terms of versatility, they are far less than infrared moisture meters.

Scope of application: It can measure food-related articles such as cereals, starch, flour, dried noodles, brewed goods, seafood, processed fish products, processed meat products, seasonings, noodles, hearts, dairy products, dried foods, vegetable oils, etc. , ore sand, coke, glass raw materials, cement, chemical fertilizers, paper, pulp, cotton, all kinds of fiber and other industrial products and so on.

99% Purity Industrial Oxygen Generator

Gamma 99% Purity Industrial Oxygen Generator is used to produce oxygen with purity up to 99%. It is the combination of standard 93% purity oxygen generator with one oxygen purifier. Detailed parts combination is as below:

99 Purity Medical Hospital Use Psa Oxygen Concentrator

Air Compressor

Function: provide compressed air source for the PSA Oxygen Generator, the flow and pressure are to be decided by the desired oxygen flow rate, purity, outlet pressure. As it is the air source of whole system, the performance of air compressor has remarkable influence to the whole oxygen generator system. Air source must be stable, sufficient with pressure not less than 7.5 bars.

Compressed air treatment part

Function: get rid of water, oil, impurities in compressed air coming from the air compressor, providing clean, dry, oil-free compressed air for the PSA oxygen generation part. It includes 3 filters, 1 refrigerated dryer and 1 activated carbon oil remover. After treatment, dew point of compressed air can reach -20 degree (normal pressure) , dust content is not larger than 0.01mg/m3, solid particles diameter is not larger than 0.01μ, oil mist content is not more than 0.003mg/m3.

Air tank

Air tank function:

It quickly increases the pressure of adsorber;

It also stores gas for air compressor, buffers system pressure;

PSA oxygen generation part


It is the key part of whole system. In this part, the oxygen is separated from compressed air, sent to buffer tank as produced gas. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon,etc are discharge from muffler as exhausted gases. The efficiency of this machine is mainly decided by adsorption tower structure, air distribution structure, molecular molecular sieve performance, process flow, etc.

O2 buffer tank

O2 buffer tank function:

It balances pressure fluctuation, ensure stable oxygen supply;

With oxygen re-blowing system, the O2 buffer tank can also quickly increases the pressure of adsorption towers.

PSA oxygen storage tank 1


To help the performance of oxygen purifier, one oxygen storage tank is supplied.

Oxygen purifier


This is another key part for the high purity oxygen generator. After its treatment, 99% purity oxygen is achieved.

Oxygen storage tank 2


After treatment of oxygen purifier, the 98% purity oxygen has very low pressure, for getting higher pressure, another oxygen storage tank is supplied.

Oxygen Compressor


As the 99% purity oxygen pressure is very slow, to get 150 bars pressure, one oxygen compressor is needed.

Oxygen filling station


It is used to fill the high pressure oxygen into cylinders for storage or selling.

High purity industrial Oxygen Plant specification:

Oxygen purity: 99%

Oxygen flow rate: 5-100 Nm3/Hr

Oxygen outlet perssure: 5-200 bars

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