The correct use of electric vehicles in winter needs to pay attention to the use of electric vehicles in winter

Now the car on the road is not only a petrol car, but also a part of new energy. Although the new energy car is not very convenient, and can not travel remotely, the price and performance have also been welcomed by many people. In the past, when the country advocated low-carbon life, electric vehicles appeared, and the state also has great support for electric vehicles. When there are enough Ami cars, there are many concessions and the purchase tax can be reduced in price. a lot of money. So nowadays, electric cars are getting more and more into our lives. It is almost winter to tell everyone about the correct use of winter electric vehicles. What to pay attention to when using electric vehicles in winter.


1, car charging

The main thing for electric vehicles is to charge the car. Even if you don't need a car, you need to charge the car. Just like when we usually use a laptop, we usually need to take out the charge and discharge when we don't need to put it for a long time. Everyone knows that this is to protect the battery life. The electric car is the same. When you don't need it, you need to charge the car frequently. Otherwise, the battery life may be shortened. Otherwise, problems such as oxidation, reduced capacity, and short life are likely to occur.

2, use the car to charge

Generally, after using the car, you need to charge the car. Some people think that the life time of a car is very long. It doesn't need to be charged every time, and it is not good to charge the battery frequently. In fact, the temperature is relatively low in winter, this has an impact on the battery, the capacity to eat in winter is relatively small and the battery life is not long in other seasons, so it is normal to charge immediately after using the car to ensure normal travel time. Use the car to get a good charging performance.


3, driving skills

When driving in winter, you must drive smoothly. The speed must be constant and not slow and fast. In winter, if the snowmobile must not go well, in this case, it is necessary to slow down. Smooth driving skills. It can make the car's battery life longer. Many people think that this method is used for fuel vehicles. In fact, this method is also effective for electric vehicles.

4, reservation charging

There are reservation charging functions on current electric cars. And to a certain extent can protect the battery, generally have a great degree of protection of our car battery when you have an appointment. And this way you can forget to charge the car automatically when charging. This is a very good feature when the temperature is relatively low.


The correct use of electric vehicles in winter, the need to pay attention to what to use in winter electric vehicles , the temperature is relatively low in winter, so we must also do the car care work, generally in the winter when the gasoline car needs to change the car oil Adding antifreeze, electric vehicles actually need to be well maintained, especially for the maintenance of car parts, otherwise it is easy to appear in the case of lighting, etc., will reduce the battery life. Everyone mentioned above should pay attention to it in the winter. I hope that the Xiaobian article will help everyone.

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