Carbon Dioxide Detector Measurement and Control of Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a relatively closed environment that changes the concentration of carbon dioxide and changes day and night, affecting the growth of plants. The use of modern electronic equipment CO2 detectors can measure and control the concentration of carbon dioxide according to the needs of various plant growth. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse control in the best case, to maintain the best growing environment, so that plants get the best reward.

The carbon dioxide concentration in the greenhouse was measured using a carbon dioxide detector to reach a maximum of 1.2 mL/L in the morning. As the daytime plant photosynthesis increased, the concentration of carbon dioxide remained relatively low. After 1600 hours, the photosynthesis of the plant weakened and the carbon dioxide concentration began to rise. At night, carbon dioxide was released under the action of plants and soil, gradually increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide to the highest point of the day. In greenhouses of other crops, there is a similar change in carbon dioxide concentration.

In order to improve the accuracy of the measurement, the temperature of the solution in the reactor needs to be controlled. Using a thermistor as a temperature sensor and a resistance wire as a heater, the temperature of the solution is substantially maintained at 25°C. While measuring the concentration with a high-precision carbon dioxide detection instrument, the output voltage value of the phototransistor is recorded, and the concentration of carbon dioxide and the corresponding voltage value are stored in the form of a table in the single-chip microcomputer for use by the single-chip microcomputer control program.

The automatic control of the greenhouse carbon dioxide detector is different from the general automatic single-loop PID control, and it is a measurement and control system based on logic judgment based on intelligent control. The purpose of studying the effect of carbon dioxide concentration is to develop a device that is low in price and suitable for the needs of China's rural agricultural modernization. The success of the control system through the CO2 detector depends to a large extent on the accuracy and completeness of the database related to crop growth and CO2 concentration.

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