China's drying equipment development space can be expected

China's drying equipment industry has entered the stage of rapid development along with the adjustment of the green development direction of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. It has already ended the problem of importing large quantities of high-end core technologies, indicating that China’s technological level and energy-saving awareness have both improved. . However, compared with other advanced countries in the world, there are still many deficiencies. It is imperative for the industry to establish a sound standards system and meet the challenges with an optimistic attitude.

Nowadays, the drying equipment has a wide range of production applications and can effectively promote downstream energy-saving and emission reduction. Therefore, it is very urgent and important for the manufacturing and production of guided drying equipment to carry out energy conservation and emission reduction.

The new round of industrial revolution is deepening. Western developed countries have taken a new path in revitalizing the manufacturing industry. They rely on scientific and technological innovation, taking digitalization and intelligence as the core, seizing the commanding heights of international competition, improving the core competitiveness of economic development, and seeking the initiative for future development. Some foreign scholars even said that the emergence of new technologies is likely to cause China's manufacturing industry to experience difficulties in the next 20 years.

According to the specific requirements of "High-efficiency, Energy-saving, Green, Environmental Protection" and "Localization of large-scale dry equipment" in the "12th Five-Year Plan for High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Development", the country should increase the macro-control and market adjustment mechanism and fully integrate it. Drying enterprises, to enhance the competitiveness of the company's market; refine and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for drying equipment, so that the drying enterprises in an orderly manner.

China's drying equipment manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development. In the future, the competition in the low-end products of the dry industry market is fierce, and the prospects for large-scale high value-added products are promising. In recent years, China's drying industry has effectively improved its competitiveness through the transformation of product structure, industrial agglomeration and professional restructuring. The scale of the industry and the total industrial output value have been continuously enlarged.

The market situation of drying equipment is inseparable from the demand market. The market demand dominates the development of the drying equipment industry. There is a certain gap between China's drying equipment technology and foreign developed countries. Although it has been greatly improved recently, it is only a low-end market. The high-end market for drying equipment is a blank in China. There is fierce competition in the domestic low-end market, and many companies are faced with severe situations such as cuts in production and layoffs.

At present, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had a complicated brand, lack of technology, and low productivity, which seriously restricts the development of China's drying industry and hinders China's advancement to the international market. We should introduce advanced technology from abroad and research and develop new products. The fully automatic dryer will become the mainstream. We will use a large number of computer and electromechanical integration control equipment to increase production, save manpower, and create more benefits for the company.

In the adjustment of product structure, it is necessary to change the status quo focusing on low-tech content as soon as possible, learn advanced foreign technologies, and develop and produce large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency and low consumption, production and sales. According to national conditions, we have developed suitable drying equipment to speed up the replacement of drying equipment and further explore the domestic and international markets.

Experts pointed out that in a short time, due to the accumulation of high-end drying equipment talents and technology accumulation in China, the situation of large-scale import of foreign high-end drying equipment will not change, and China’s dependence on high-end drying equipment will still depend on its import in the short term. continued.

Faced with the world's drying equipment market, especially the high-end market, this promising cake, China's drying equipment companies need to understand the latest changes in the market, according to the development status of the drying equipment industry, research and development of related drying equipment products, to seize the market, to expand its industry Space for the healthy development of its future.

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