China Air Compressor Network: Improve the scientific research level of the industry, the high-end market needs to be developed

China's air compressor industry started very late. Before the reform and opening up, China's air compressor industry was very slow due to the low level of economic development and low market demand. After the reform and opening up, the development of various industries in China has taken off, the domestic air compressor market has finally opened, and the air compressor industry in China has gradually grown and expanded. The air compressors have also been listed by the state as an independent industry and recorded in the national product catalog. . In the development of air compressors in China for nearly 20 years, China's air compressor industry has received support from the state in terms of policy and technology, and has achieved leap-forward growth in the industry and has become one of the top ten machinery industries in China.

In recent years, the popularity of the refrigeration and air-conditioning market has brought a steady stream of orders for China's air compressor industry, and the air compressor market has shown a thriving development trend. At present, China's air compressor industry is not only expanding its industrial scale, but also constantly improving its product system. However, behind the remarkable achievements, we cannot ignore some of the problems that have emerged in the development of the air compressor industry. China's air compressor manufacturing began with the imitation of foreign equipment. Although China's air compressor industry has also achieved independent production, in some high-end air compressor equipment, China needs to import from abroad, but in the low end of air compressors. Equipment production has already reflected the drawbacks of overcapacity. At the same time, China's stable economic environment and the vast air compressor market have attracted many international air compressor manufacturers to look for opportunities in China, which has brought great competitive pressure to China's air compressor enterprises. Some small and medium-sized air compressor enterprises in China survive in the cracks of market competition, and they are unable to increase investment in scientific research. Therefore, China's air compressor industry is in a dilemma in improving the overall technical level of the industry.

From the long-term development of China's air compressor industry, China Air Compressor Network http:// pointed out that to improve the overall competitiveness of China's air compressor industry, we must first improve the level of scientific research. The phenomenon of low-level redundant construction has become a problem that restricts the further development of China's air compressor industry. If the blind production of the enterprise is blind and the market-oriented design and development of more high-end products, China's air compressor products will eventually lose in the competition. market. Mastering the initiative of R&D and owning its own patented technology can enhance the core competitiveness of China's air compressor industry.

In this sub-category, volumetric feeder EVF series (4-6000L/hr), loss-in-weight feeder EGF series (4-8000L/hr), liquid loss-in-weight feeder ELF series (2-8000L/hr), vibratory tray feeder EF-V (2-2600L/hr), micro loss-in-weight feeder EMF series (2-8L/hr), weigh belt feeder EGF-B series (20-20000 Kg/hr) are included, which are widely used for powder, pellet, liquid, flake, fiber, and etc. easy-flowing and poor-flowing materials in plastic extrusion industry. For volumetric feeder, there are 2 types: single screw and twin screw. And for loss-in-weight feeder, there are 2 types: single screw and twin screw.


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