Demand for tires declines Soft-control shares say slowing development will continue

On June 29, the Soft Control Shares (002073.SZ) issued the revised notice for the 2012 semi-annual performance forecast, stating that the net profit attributable to the parent company in the first half of 2011 was 30%-50% lower than the same period of last year, which was 8877.01. Ten thousand yuan to 124.2881 million yuan. Soften Shares Securities Office officials told reporters that the slowdown in customer investment plans will continue in the second half of the year. According to industry sources, the declining demand for tires this year implicates the upstream and downstream industries, and the impact on soft control shares will be relatively large.

It is understood that the main business of soft control shares is to provide application software, system integration and digital equipment to the tire industry, and is a leading company in the domestic tire equipment industry.

“The slowdown in customer investment plans will continue,” the securities official said. The company’s performance was mainly influenced by industry factors. Due to the economic environment, many tire companies and SMEs demand slowed down. “This year It will be presented in the first quarter."

Before this, there were market rumors that the soft-control shares did not receive an order in the first quarter of this year. In response, the securities firm explained that "there is no such thing at all. In the first half (orders), it was not as much as it used to be."

Zhuo Chuang, chief commentator of the information and rubber industry, Liu Shenghua, told reporters that domestic rubber is mainly used to make tires, and the EU’s demand has fallen and local demand has been sluggish, which makes the industry’s situation this year not optimistic. “The slowdown in the growth of tire demand in the domestic auto industry is obvious. This will impede the upstream and downstream industries, and the impact on soft control shares will be greater.”

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