Shell Lubricants will continue to “heat up” in 2012

In 2012, with the further increase in the price of oil, the lubricant industry is still facing a complex and ever-changing situation.

As we all know, the lubricating oil industry is closely related to the development of the automotive industry. After the auto market in China experienced a situation in which "Golden 9 is not present, and Silver 10 fades" in 2011, the production and sales in 2012 are still not optimistic and have entered the lowest growth rate in more than a decade. The auto market has quickly affected the lubricant industry. Compared with the past two years, the growth of total production has slowed down. Excluding the slowdown in the growth of the Chinese auto market, the lubricant industry has implemented the concept of “quality on behalf of quantity”, and the increasing oil mileage has also been one of the main factors. The concept of "reasonable lubrication" will become a trend that has been advocated and utilized by people.

Industry analysts believe that in the coming years, the global lubricant market will show a slow increase, but the growth of the “BRIC” and South Korea’s lubricants market will be the strongest, and China will be the “growth engine” of the lubricant industry. Lubricant market space continues to expand, attracting many foreign companies to get together and enter China. At the "12th China International Lubricants and Applied Technology Exhibition" which ended in November 2011, lubricant companies from Russia, Germany, South Korea and other countries all appeared in the exhibition. The reporters found that these companies have just entered the country in 2011, are from south to north, and strive to open up the high-end lubricant market. As a leading brand in foreign investment, Shell Lubricants continued to increase investment in China in 2011. In addition to newly built and expanded lubricant production capacity, the advanced lubricant technical service center established in Zhuhai was also recently launched. In 2012, it will be a year for Shell's development.

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