· Takata airbags are resurgent, there are still 100 million vehicles in the world that need to be recalled.

After the recall of 9.87 million vehicles equipped with Takata "problem" airbags in the Chinese market in 2017, this number continues to expand in 2018.
In January 2018, it has not finished yet. The AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center has issued four recall notices about Takada Airbags, including Tesla, Lexus and Jaguar Land Rover, involving nearly 15,000 vehicles. The US market, including Toyota, Honda and Ford, added an additional number of additional vehicles, totaling more than 1.36 million.
“The Takata Airbag recall is the largest car recall event triggered by the same defect problem in recent years.” Yan Fengmin, Director of the Law Enforcement Supervision Department of the AQSIQ, told the China Business Journal that it was greatly affected by its global recall and its parts supply capacity. Insufficient, as well as the impact of factors such as bankruptcy and restructuring, the implementation of the recall activity is somewhat complicated, and the AQSIQ also closely monitors it as a key case.
Although more than 100 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide, the number of accidents caused by Takata's "problem" airbags is increasing. According to the US media report on January 17, 2018, the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that in July 2017, a woman was killed in an accident due to the rupture of the airbag assembled by the vehicle, and the debris hit the head.
So far, the number of people killed in the high-altitude airbag explosion in the world has reached 21, and another 180 people were injured in the accident. As Yan Fengmin said, although the scope of the recall has been determined, there are still many complicated situations in the implementation process, which makes it difficult for Gao Tian’s “problem” airbag safety warning to be easily lifted.
Batch recall
According to the information released by the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center, as of January 18, 2018, a total of 39 auto companies have implemented 130 recalls due to the Takata airbag problem, involving 19.531 million vehicles, which has become the number of recalls in recent years. The most collective events.
However, due to the large number involved, car manufacturers have to make recalls in batches. Taking Volkswagen as an example, the number of recalled vehicles has reached 4.86 million. The recall will start on March 12, 2018, and will be carried out in 12 batches. The implementation time spans from 2018 to 2019; GM recalls 2.5158 million vehicles. It was recalled in 6 batches, and the implementation time spanned from 2017 to 2019; Mercedes-Benz recalled 351,200 vehicles and was recalled in three batches. The implementation time was from 2017 to 2018.
"According to the current situation, the supply of parts and components of some vehicle manufacturers has not yet been fully in place, and some of the recall activities have not yet been carried out immediately." Wang Hao, deputy director of the Defective Product Management Center of the AQSIQ, said in an interview. For the batch recall behavior, Yan Jinghui, a well-known commentator in the automotive industry, believes that this is also a problem that requires batch verification of “hidden dangers”. New suppliers need to develop replacement products and conduct safety appraisal.
It is understood that the current main recall recall for the Takata "problem" airbag is to replace the gas generator. “Because the equipment is not a universal accessory, the new supplier must develop replacement products based on the data of the listed models.” A person in charge of a domestic airbag manufacturer told reporters that in order to ensure safety, this reverse development requires at least 8 Month time.
This means that car manufacturers have already made plans before issuing the recall announcement. According to media reports, as early as 2014, GM asked Takada to share technical parameters and data with its competitor German brand ZF-Tianhe and Swedish brand Autoliv, so that the replacement parts produced by the two companies can be adapted to Universal model. In 2015, Toyota Motor Corporation began testing the airbag gas generators provided by Autoliv and Nippon Chemical Co., Ltd. to replace the parts of Takata's faulty airbags. At the same time, the parts of the Japanese brand Daicel company have passed the test. , start using.
“Although it takes only a few tens of minutes for the owner to go to the dealership to replace the gas generator, it is not easy for the choice of the car manufacturer.” According to industry analysts, the recall time span is large and is carried out in batches. They are all responsible for consumers.
High risk area
But it should not be overlooked that during the switching cycle, “danger” still exists.
In January 2018, most parts of China were particularly cold. However, for vehicles equipped with Japan’s Takada’s “problem airbags”, the dry and cold weather is far more “safe” than the hot and humid ones.
Public information shows that it is common in hot and humid areas such as North America and Australia in the deaths and injuries caused by Takada airbags. “The longer the airbag is exposed to the hot and humid environment, the more dangerous it is.” The survey results of a team of 10 Japanese, American and European automakers, including Toyota, Honda and Nissan, confirmed that Takata airbags use ammonium nitrate chemicals for a long time. Time is prone to instability in hot and humid environments, which can cause the airbag to be overpowered when it pops up, and even splash metal fragments to harm people in the car.
Driving an old vehicle in a hot, humid area is considered the “owner with the most dangerous airbags”. A few days ago, Ford confirmed the second death caused by the old problematic Takahashi "problem" airbag, and urged 2,900 North American owners to stop using the car immediately until the replacement parts were completed. In order to get in touch with consumers, Honda has gone door-to-door to find owners who have not responded to recalls, and has begun to warn car owners through social media.
In the domestic market, “According to Takada’s report, there have been no safety incidents in China due to this defect.” Wang Wei said, “But automakers will also generally target vehicles with earlier time-to-market and high-temperature and high-humidity. The vehicle that uses the environment will perform the replacement of the airbag in advance."
“There is also a consumer’s safety awareness and subjective judgment.” Yan Jinghui believes that automakers issue recall information, that is, in the attitude of being responsible to the owner, and the owner should be responsible for himself and complete the repair work as soon as possible.
Far-reaching influence
According to Wang Wei, because Takata has not yet reached an agreement with the relevant automakers on the issue of defect liability, the cost of most airbag recalls in China is currently borne by automakers.
At the same time, Zhao Chengming, general manager of Jinzhou Jinheng Automobile Safety System Co., Ltd. told reporters that due to the bad events of Takata's "problem" airbags, the procurement standards of active and passive safety parts by automobile manufacturers are more stringent. “This is a benefit for the industry and consumers.”
“From a global perspective, the trend of component development is generalization.” Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association, said that automakers adopt a global division of labor and cooperation in production mode, decentralized, diversified layout and procurement methods. Guarantee the stability of the entire production system.
Some insiders pointed out that the total number of vehicles affected by Takada's airbag safety defects exceeds 1.2 billion vehicles worldwide. After nearly a decade of recalls from 2008 to now, there are still nearly 100 million assembly safety defects. The Takada airbags are waiting to be recalled. It is expected that the Takata airbag recalls will continue at least until the end of 2019. This means that the time period for recalling implementation work will be longer. How to reduce the accident rate between this switch? "If the vehicle has abnormal rupture of the airbag or gas generator in the event of an accident, it should contact the production and operation personnel as soon as possible, and report the situation to the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center." Wang Wei stressed.

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